#1 Amazon best selling author, NIMBY speaker, and public affairs consultant Patrick Slevin has launched his new YouTube series, SUN TZU | THE ART OF WAR. In this 10 part series, Slevin shares his strategies, tactics, and best practices to help developers and land-use professionals pre-empt and defeat NIMBY opposition regardless of development industry.

More than 2000 years ago Chinese general and military strategist Sun Tzu wrote one of the greatest books ever written on military strategy and tactics titled, The Art of War.

Episode 1: A Strategic Mindset looks at the big picture on NIMBYism, which is nationally known, but vaguely understood. In keeping with Sun Tzu’s teachings, when in battle, when you don’t know your enemy, in this case NIMBY opposition, then you risk losing over half your battles (applications). In this Episode, Slevin gives a preview of his upcoming series with 10 expected segments covering, Know Thy NIMBY Leaders, Know Thy Self as Corporate Leaders, Notice & Hearing Process, Dealing with the Media, Activating Your Allies for Advocacy, Updating Your Communications and Messaging, Integrating Multiple Corporate Communications & Engagement, and many other facets of stakeholder engagement from the C-Suite to City Hall.

EPISODE 2: THE NIMBY TRIFECTA, Patrick Slevin reveals the three (3) causes for NIMBY opposition regardless of development industry, regardless of demographics, and regardless of location. Viewers will learn how these causes happen and what they can do to begin breaking the patterns of conflict and crisis that generate NIMBY opposition.

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