The NIMBY Crisis Master.

Developers call him NIMBY Whisperer.
Anti-development activists call him NIMBY Slayer.

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Patrick Slevin is public affairs consultant, former Florida mayor, university lecturer, NIMBY speaker, coach, and two-time Amazon Bestselling Author. For over 20 years, Patrick has offered his integrated public affairs services to C-Suite leaders representing corporate, agency, government, political, and not-for-profit organizations.

Slevin is also a two-time winner of the prestigious Public Relations Society of America’s Silver Anvil Award of Excellence for Crisis & Issues Management. He has been featured in Influence Magazine as a “Great Communicator.” Campaigns & Elections Magazine recognized Slevin as one of the nation’s top political “Movers & Shakers.”

Over the span of his 25-year career, Patrick Slevin has earned a national reputation for turning NIMBY controversies into rapid project approvals.

Patrick Slevin is the trusted go-to consultant for corporate leaders looking to get their high-profile, high-stakes projects across the finish line, whether that means crisis management, corporate initiatives, alliance development, public affairs, issues advocacy, government relations, reputation management, digital marketing, zoning & development, or influencer engagement.

Amazon Bestsellers

Patrick Slevin is a two-time Amazon bestselling author on the NIMBY subject matter. His latest bestseller, Breaking Out of the NIMBY Matrix™: Red Pill Success in a Digital NIMBY World was published in 2023. It became an instant Amazon bestseller and industry classic. 

Breaking Out of the NIMBY Matrix™ was preceded by Slevin’s successful first book from 2021, Never Lose to NIMBY Opposition Again!: Master the Secrets, Strategies, and Solutions to Turn NIMBY Crisis Into Your Finest Hour, which also became a #1 Amazon bestseller. 

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The NIMBY Subject Matter

In his bestselling books, Patrick Slevin unveils the Not-In-My-Backyard (NIMBY) phenomenon: a widely known, but vaguely understood threat to proposed real estate development projects. For decades, NIMBY conflicts have cost executives, investors, and land-development professionals billions of dollars in losses caused by project delays, disruptions, and defeats.

For too long, applicants have felt powerless to reduce the risks of NIMBY, hoping their projects will “fly under the radar” and avoid attracting the anger of neighbors or the angst of professional activists. This passive engagement directly empowers the opposition not only to demonize real estate development proposals, but also to damage corporate reputations. It ends all too often in project defeat.

Eventually, the NIMBY hits the fan, unexpectedly, rapidly, and aggressively triggering a series of high-profile conflicts leading to the political defeat of thousands of sustainable real estate projects.

Stop losing to NIMBY opposition today. Schedule a strategy call with bestselling author Patrick Slevin.


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